We at Jaykay Freighters Pvt. Ltd. are extremely happy to have a large family of customers. We understand that our business does well when our partners do well. Therefore, our customers’ success is our success.
With kind patronage of its clients the Company has grown manifold with the ability to provide personalized and dependable core competence in handling all types of cargo clearance of very wide product range like machinery, engineering goods, raw material, metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, perishable cargo, project cargo etc. for both import and export by sea and air and also serving as international freight forwarders to provide door to door service.
The company is constantly working more arduously to provide great customer satisfaction through its exemplary integrated logistics services to provide optimum benefit to the user. We are dedicated to help you meet your total logistics needs with the very best of our services.
There is a strong team of dedicated, seasoned and professional staff on the job to provide excellent innovative customized solutions to our client’s needs. Our dedicated trained and experienced teams work 24×7 to ensure efficient movement of cargo, and respond to client’s requirements with the kind of knowledge that is required in this highly specialised stream.
We constantly emphasizing on creating innovative technologies, involving e-filing documentation, and keeping abreast with the improving infrastructure in our country. There is a lot to be done.
We, JFPL is a total logistics company and ensures to maintain best standards of services with personalised attention in handling a wide range of products under one roof providing a “single window concept” to its clients in the competitive world.
We enjoy good rapport and meritorious status with our valued Clients, Shipping/Air Lines, Port Authorities, ICDs, Train Operators and concerned government departments.
JFPL is the answer to all your shipping needs. We aim to take our customer to the next level of logistics services. We constantly pursue improvements through innovative ideas and services to achieve competitive advantage.
We value your feedback to improve our services.

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